Condor & Jaybird


The enchanting psych-pop songs of Condor & Jaybird are what you would expect to hear pumping through the walls of an enigmatic, underground temple while on a trying journey to gift your soul to the lord of dance. Upon arriving in the throne room, you’ll stumble upon a wholesome ritual involving endless dancing powered by scorching riffs and infectious hooks. Their hypnotic and lush vocal harmonies will make you sway and their growls will ignite a fire in your soul. The lyrical content taking you to a new level of mindfulness on the road to self-realization. The surrounding strangers will become your friends and your friends become your family.

Founded in an attic in 2013, Condor & Jaybird started as a dual collaboration between Connor Lyle and Jeramie Anderson, with no expectation beyond creating music. Shortly after inception, the duo enlisted Jake Lyle (Connor's brother) on bass and percussionist Bryson Foster. Condor & Jaybird have ever since crafted their own style of darkened psychedelia reminiscent of Sgt. Peppers, theatrical Queen and nuanced metallic roots. The group has released three full length albums since 2015, conquered four tours and gained sponsorship from local pizza company, Mama Bosso Pizza.

The band has gained a loyal fan base by packing out sweaty basements and DIY spaces, to filling out 400+ capacity rooms for album releases and annual New Year’s Eve shows. During their emotive, dynamic, and engaging live performances, the band’s energy is often reflected by the crowd creating a feedback loop of chaos. Their unpredictable live shows have earned them many “must see” titles on festivals in the midwest, and on bills with JR JR, BRONCHO, Post Animal, Holy Wave, Telekinetic Yeti, and Pile.

In 2017, Condor & Jaybird released their 3rd full length album “God Wants Us To Do What God Wants Us To Do,” took off on two tours, and made their first trip to SXSW. 2018 finds the band writing album number 4 and heading out on tour in the fall.


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